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Plugs tilt foward/ Plugs kippen nach vorn

Because of different Reasons it may happen that your Plugs tilt foward. Reasons: Small Plugs as Base for big and heavy Styles. Flared Plugs as Base. Heavy Designs. Solution: Choose Straight Plugs as Base for big and heavy Styles. Use O-Rings even with Double Flared Plugs Auf Grund von verschiedenen Ursachen können deine Plugs nach […]

Frame Size

Please mind, that Products, which are available in many different Sizes, includes Frames in different Sizes. They have the same Design, but often differ in 2 or 3 Frame Sizes. If you have any Questions, please always message me. Please also mind that, even with growing Frame Sizes, sometimes you cant hide the Plug behind […]

Processing Time

Some Products have a longer processing Time. Reasons: – Restock of Materials – Most of my Jewelries are handcrafted after incoming Order. Processing Time ~ 3 – 10 Weeks So please dont wonder if your Parcel doesnt arrive after a Week. If there are any Problems with Delivery or Processing I will always contact you […]