Teardrop Tunnels

90.00 inkl MwSt.

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Teardrop Tunnels
Please allow little Imperfections.
Handmade Product: Every Piece is unique and may have some little sharper edges.
Please be careful when putting in/out.
You may choose one Size smaller.

Material: Brass

Dimensions ( wearble Area ) and Weights:

30mm: ~36,6mm x 24,3mm | ~18g
32mm: ~xmm x xmm | ~xg
34mm: ~xmm x xmm  | ~xg
36mm: ~xmm x xmm  | ~xg
38mm: ~xmm x xmm  | ~xg
40mm: ~xmm x xmm  | ~xg
42mm: ~xmm x xmm  | ~xg
44mm: ~xmm x xmm  | ~xg
46mm: ~xmm x xmm   | ~xg
48mm: ~xmm x xmm  | ~xg
50mm: ~59,3mm x 39,7mm  | ~58g