Mini Hoop Earweights

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Mini Hoop Earweights

Sold individually
If you buy this 1 Time you will receive 1 Ring.

Please allow little Imperfections.
If the Hoop opens and close not easy enough or to easy: Just bend the whole Hoop with a Pliers ( with Care )
Wear, put in and out with Care.
Make sure that all Hoops are perfectly adjusted, before putting in, so you dont lose any and also get them out easy.
Take your Time to find your own perfect Way to wear and open them.

Material: Enamel

Weight: ~0,90
Dimensions: ~11mm
Thickness: ~2mm

Every Piece of Jewelry is unique and may differ from each other and from Pictures.
Please allow little Imperfections due to natural Materials and handmade Products.