Labradorite Teardrop Plugs

35.00 inkl MwSt.

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Labradorite Teardrop Plugs
Natural Material: Every Piece differ from each other or from Product Picture.
Please allow little Imperfectons.
Please mind all Dimensions: Wood Base is not allways as visilble as on Pictures.

8mm-22mm: ~19,5mm x 14mm (thinner Frame)
25mm-30mm: ~28mm x 21,3mm

Base: Wood
Setting: Zinc Alloy
Cabochon: Labradorite

Product Picture shows the 30mm Variation with the bigger and thicker Frame on it.

Wood Plug/Base Dimensions
(Please compare to Setting Dimensions to imagine how your final Product will look like)

8mm: ~8,5mm x 5,5mm
10mm: ~10,5mm x 7mm
12mm: ~12,5mm x 9mm
14mm: ~15mm x 10,5mm
16mm: ~
19mm: ~21mm x 15mm
22mm: ~25mm x 17mm
25mm: ~28mm x 20mm
28mm: ~
30mm: ~34mm x 24mm