Fantasy Saddle Hangers

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Fantasy Saddle Hangers
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Please allow little Imperfctions.

Stainless Steel

Model on first Picture is wearing 28mm Saddles with 30mm stretched Ears
Model on second Picture is wearing 25mm Saddles with 26mm stretched Ears.

Dimensions wearable Area:
8mm: ~ 8mm x 7mm
10mm: ~ 9,5mm x 8,5mm
12mm: ~ 11,5mm x 10,5mm
14mm: ~ 13,5mm x 12,5mm
16mm: ~ 15,5mm x 14,5mm
19mm: ~ 18,5mm x 17,5mm
22mm: ~ 21,5mm x 20,5mm
25mm: ~ 24,5mm x 23,5mm 
28mm: ~ 27,5mm x 26,5mm
30mm: ~ 29,5mm x 28,5mm

Every Piece of Jewelry is unique and may differ from each other and from Pictures.
Please allow little Imperfections due to natural Materials and handmade Products.

Wearing Picture just show an Example.
Other Jewelry not included!