Silvercolored Shell Plug-Hangers

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Wearable as Plugs, but also as Hangers, especially with big stretched Ears
For example having 30mm stretched Ears you can easily wear the 25mm Variation

Width of Back, which has to fit through your Ear:
This Area is bigger than the wearing Area!
So if your Ears are very sensitive please think about to choose a Size smaller

6mm: ~7mm
8mm: ~9mm
10mm: ~11mm
12mm: ~13mm
14mm: ~15mm
16mm: ~17mm
19mm: ~20mm
22mm: ~23mm
25mm: ~26,5mm

Material: Stainless Steel with Silicon sealed Shell

Please allow little Imperfections due to natural Materials and handmade Products
Every Piece is unique and may differ from each other and from Pictures

SKU: N/ACategories: ,