Roségoldcolored Baroque Saddle Hangers

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Exclusive Moondust Jewelry Design

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions wearable Area:

8mm: ~ 8mm x 7mm
10mm: ~ 9,5mm x 9mm
12mm: ~ 12mm x 10,5mm
14mm: ~ 14mm x 12,5mm
16mm: ~ 16mm x 14,2mm
19mm: ~ 18,5mm x 17,2mm
22mm: ~ 21,5mm x 21mm
25mm: ~ 24mm x 24mm
28mm: ~ 28mm x 27mm
30mm: ~ 30mm x 29,2mm

Please allow little Imperfections due to natural Materials and handmade Products

Model is wearing 19mm and 28mm Saddles with 30mm stretched Ears