At the moment i am not able to ship to some countries due to current Situation.
– Orders will be shipped as fast and as soon as possible.

For more Details:

Because of different Reasons it may happen that your Plugs tilt foward.

Small Plugs as Base for big and heavy Styles.
Flared Plugs as Base.
Heavy Designs.

Choose Straight Plugs as Base for big and heavy Styles.
Use O-Rings even with Double Flared Plugs

Auf Grund von verschiedenen Ursachen können deine Plugs nach vorne überkippen.

Mögliche Gründe:
Kleine Plugs als Basis für größere und schwerere Designs.
Flared Plugs als Basis.
Schwere Designs.

Wähle Straight Plugs als Basis für große und schwere Designs.
Benutze auch bei Double Flared Plugs O-Ringe.

Some Products have a longer processing Time.

– Restock of Materials
– Most of my Jewelries are handcrafted after incoming Order.

Processing Time ~ 3 – 10 Weeks

So please dont wonder if your Parcel doesnt arrive after a Week.
If there are any Problems with Delivery or Processing I will always contact you via Mail.

Each piece of jewelry is a handmade and unique. Please always keep in mind that the product photo only serves as an example and deviations are possible. Items such as the cabochons (stones) and chains can vary. The best examples here are the Moondust Cabochons, which all differ from each other.